Top of the Gulf, first inclusive regatta in Thailand

The 2019 Top of the Gulf Regatta will be the first event in Thailand to feature a Para Sailing competition as the event is set to host the inaugural Thailand S\V14 Para Sailing Championship.

Pattaya will play host to the 2019 Top of the Gulf Regatta and the S\V14’s will be one of up to 16 classes that make up the event.

Nine identical S\V14s will be available for the regatta, all new straight from the FAREST YACHTS’ factory in China. This is the first fleet in the world and of the nine, eight have been purchased by Ocean Marina Yacht Club as part of their ongoing commitment to sailing and increasing accessibility to the sport.

The S\V14’s will race over four days from 2-5 May with registration on Wednesday 1 May. They will race in their own dedicated area off Ocean Marina Yacht Club and will have a dedicated race management team.

A Para Sailing Development Program clinic will be held from 28-30 April by World Sailing’s Training Delivery Manager, Rob Holden. The clinic will continue through to the event with World Sailing providing coaching support to sailors and local coaches through to the conclusion of the event.

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